A word from the crew

When I finished my administrative assistant degree, I decided to travel instead of putting on a business suit in a nine to five job. I craved something exotic and backpacked through Thailand, Singapore, Hong Kong and Indonesia for three months. Not the type to lie on a beach, I explored the back roads and markets. I discovered gorgeous jewellery and fashion that did not cost much. I got inspired by the beautiful designs and colours, and my slumbering flair for business kicked into high gear. Back in The Netherlands I unwrapped the 6,000 pairs of earrings that I purchased in Bali. I was as stunned as anyone when I sold the bulk of them for a profit. My travel bug not yet fulfilled, I used the money to travel some more. This is what I call my first “business trip”. I went for the purpose of getting to know certain fabric outlets and small factories where beautiful embroideries were made. I came back with a lot of contacts and knowledge. From here, things developed really fast. Before I knew it I had three stores, selling women’s fashion. The first time I started thinking about my own kids’ line was when I had my daughter. The bulk of girls’ fashion out there were mini-versions of what adults wear. A shame, because kids already grow up so fast! I want young girls to be able to wear funky, fun and whimsical clothes that they love.