Fairytale mermaids, unicorns, sea horses and swans

This will be the summer of a lifetime. Swim the bluest seas like a mermaid, climb on the back of your unicorn and fly above the highest clouds ore sail the most beautiful lakes with a pretty Mim Pi swan at your side. The 2018 Mim Pi summer collection is magical, sweet, renewing and lets girls shine while they concur the world.
Dresses and shirts with magical mermaids, unicorns and sea horses set the tone for this collection. The pretty skirts, colorful applications and gorgeous fabrics for which Mim Pi is known, are an important part of this collection. Also available is our summer shoe- and sock collection to complete every Mim Pi outfit.
All of our items breathe beauty, sustainability and comfort.

Miss Fluff
The 6 single prints of mermaids, unicorns, sea horses and swans are designed by
Miss Fluff, an artist from Miami, who gets her inspiration from vintage cartoons, and mid century Hollywood -amongst others- and gives it her own unique twist. Therefor, the prints have a trendy and magical air about them, without loosing touch with that famous Mim Pi look.

At Mim Pi we believe that every good deed deserves another. Therefor we make sure that our clothes are made under the best circumstances and made out of sustainable materials. Because we have been working with the same factories and sewing shops for the last 15 years we know the circumstances under which the employees work. We make sure they have healthy work hours and fair wages.
This all ensures our sustainable way of producing and good craftsmanship.
Therefore the quality of Mim Pi clothes is so high that all our garments can be passed on, for another happy Mim Pi girl to wear. That makes Mim Pi, sustainable in every way!

Mim Pi
Mim Pi and designer/owner Leonora Nieuwenhuizen are one!
The designs are made with love and that love and devotion is reflected on every one of Mim Pi’s designs. She mainly gets her inspiration during her travels and makes sure every collection is trendy without loosing touch with that famous Mim Pi look. Every girl feels like one in a million in a Mim Pi outfit: available in sizes 92 -152.
Mim Pi clothing and shoes are available in the Mim Pi Webshop and at selected retailers.