Mim-pi’s Social Responsibility


We live in a time where transparency about how and where your children’s clothes are made is very important. We have a social responsibility to our employees overseas, to our clients worldwide and to the environment.

For Mim-Pi this means creating a safe and happy working environment in our factories in India. Most of Mim-pi’s pieces are produced there. (Not including shoes made in Portugal, coats and bikini’s made in China, stockings and socks are made in Italy).

Leonora: “I have been with the same family-owned factory in India for nearly 15 years. I know every employee by name. I even know some of their children. I visit the factory twice a year to work with them, to learn from them and to check in on their working environment.”

Last season, Leonora went to India with a surprise for everyone: 130 envelopes containing 3500 Rupees (roughly 50 euro’s) half a moth wage for the 130 men and women who manufacture Mim-Pi.

Leonora: “It was a small gesture. A heart-felt ‘thank you’. Throughout the years, these people became a part of my family. Hardly anyone left their job in the factory in the past fifteen years, so I have known everyone for quite a while. I’ve seen their children been born. I’ve heard about their parents’ passing.”

Some people in The Netherlands said to me: ‘Don’t give them money. They won’t show up to work anymore.’ I didn’t believe them. And then, my embroidery guy didn’t show up the day after he received his envelope. ‘Were they right after all?’ I thought. The next day he shows up, smiling broader than ever. He had taken the money and gone straight to the dentist to fix a dental problem that left him with a huge painful bulge in his cheek. ‘The pain is finally gone!’ he told me. He hugged me and we went back to work on our embroidery patterns.”

Small brand, Slow Fashion

Mim-pi is a very small company. With two collections per year of roughly 100-150 pieces per season, a handful of agents worldwide and a head-office with 4 employees, it really is very small.

Leonora: “Our ecological footprint is not very big. And our fashion is not very fast. We enjoy being part of the Slow Fashion Movement, supporting local, small business and urging customers to buy fewer pieces less often.” Its counterpart, Fast Fashion, is mass-produced fashion for large retailers, manufactured at an affordable price. These items have a quick overturn, low prices and a high disposable factor, and add to the problem of underpaid factory workers and over-consumerism in a tremendous way.

(er is ook een grote 2de hands markt op marktplaats en ebay voor 2de hands MIM-PI kleding recycle..)

Mim-pi Facts:

*Workers in our factory in receive a fair wage of per month.

*The factories are not owned by Mim-pi.

*The factories are located in New Delhi.

*450 workers manufacture Mim-Pi’s collections every season.

*Environmentally, we try to keep our ecological foot print small .

*We doen projecten, een van de projecten is verzamelen barbie’s in en die geef ik weg aan straat kinderen

of we hebben een project gedaan dat zwangere vrouwen of net bevallen vrouwen niet naar de fabriek hoeven

maar thuis werken en bloementjes haken die weer op de kleding gaan…

*Locally we donate clothing to the Food bank in Enkhuizen.

*We always support local businesses.

*Tijdens nood situatie’s zoals bijvoorbeeld de aardbeving in Japan dan sturen we dozen kleding heen…

Mim-pi’s motto:

Leonora: “My motto for Mim-pi is and has always been ‘Smile and the world smiles with you’. Throughout the whole process of making Mim-pi – from the first flutter of inspiration to the last button on a dress – this is the common thread in our collections. I smile when I design a piece and when I buy fabric. My employees smile when they see the result of their handwork. My clients smile when a shipment comes in. And the girl smiles when she is wearing her Mim-pi dress. That is my goal. Always.”