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Don't wait for a party, you can celebrate one every day!

15 years of Mim-pi. We cannot let that go uncelebrated. So especially for all the Mim-pi girls out there, Mim-pi presents the extra-beautiful collection: MIM-PI GOES AMSTERDAM. Urban funky and hip, while rustic and sweet at the same time. This collection will let every Mim-pi girl radiate beauty, and that is exactly what Mim-pi aims to do.

Smiling is a way of life

Mim-pi says: ‘don't wait for a party to put on your pretty dress, because every day is a party!’ This winter, Mim-pi celebrates her birthday with cheerful green and white dots, gnomes in love and penguins with red cheeks. The magical unicorns and peacocks truly stand out. The retro kitty print from 2012 has returned by popular demand: this time, the cheerful print stands out even more tanks to the contrasting black or aqua background.

Pass it on!

Head out into the world and discover. See, experience and listen. Everything she'll discover will come together in the collection, designed by Mim-pi designer and owner Leonora NIeuwenhuijzen. She has this to say about her 15 years at Mim-pi:

“It was hard work. But working with so many creative and passionate people around me, it has truly been wonderful. I have a loyal and committed team in all the corners of the world. Together, we are always looking for the beauty in everything. Beauty contains happiness. Happiness that should be shared.”

That's why every Mim-pi design has been made with love. And you can both see and feel it. The Mim-pi “pass-it-on-smile” shows itself in every button, every label and every print. And therefore, this winter every item is a party to look forward to.

And you're invited!

Love, Mim-pi.

Introduction Winter 2017 collection by MIM-PI Designer Leonora Nieuwenhuizen

Winter 2017 is a collection I have greatly enjoyed working on. MIM-PI stays MIM-PI into the smallest details. It is a collection richly filled with elegant dresses, hand-made embroidery and beads, so that every item is a true feast to behold.

No one-day fly

Mim-pi is certainly not a one-day fly. Because I try to make people conscience of the fact that it's possible to make sustainable clothing. MIM-PI is a fair-trade brand. Everyone knows that a 15-euro dress cannot possible be sustainable. You buy a cheap dress, but somewhere in the world someone pays a large price for your bargain.

One world, be careful

Therefore, we work with factories and workshops with good (working) conditions. I believe that good actions always eventually reward themselves. For over fifteen years I have worked with the same suppliers in India and Portugal. The employees know me, are paid a decent salary and have normal working hours. I have faith in their craftmanship and they have faith in mine. I visit the factories twice a year to assure myself that conditions are still in order and that the people working there are happy.

A dress that you can pass on

By supporting fair brands such as MIM-PI, you make a statement saying that you support a different way of working. The extra money you spend on a lovely dress, makes sure that we and our employees can continue to do their sustainable work. But there's more. As soon as your daughter grows out of our clothing, you will receive a nice compensation or a thankful, smiling face in return. , since Mim-Pi boasts a lively second-hand market. Our sustainable designs are timelessly cheerful and our quality will last for generations. To shine in today, but certainly also tomorrow. And that feels great!



The 5 Mim-pi styles are available in sizes 92-152.

Mim-pi: A Dutch children's brand for girls. Always innovative, sweet, hip and affordable. Mim-pi means ‘dreaming’ on the island of Bali.



Nowadays you have to sell something special in your store, which you cannot simply buy at H&M or Zara! Mim-pi is such a brand, which is sweet, hip and special!


Would you like to sell MIM-PI in your store? Then send us an email at:

  • info@mim-pi.com
  • Mim-Pi B.V.
  • Damweg 11
  • 1871 DM Schoorl
  • The Netherlands
  • Tel.: +31 (0)72-8885220


The minimum order is 1,500 euro 

 Delivery of the Winter 2017 collection takes place in the last week of July

 Delivery of the Summer 2018 collection takes place in the last week of January


All orders are delivered including:

  • a promotional display for in your store
  • 50 Mim-pi magazines
  • little gifts for the kids
  • a download link with stand-alone product photos and atmospheric images of girls wearing the items.

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Smile and the world smiles with you!

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Mim-Pi collections are not created in one day. Nor in one week. Not even in one month! Designer Miss Mim-Pi travels, and she travels a lot. The things she sees and experience stay with her. From Melbourne to Bali via Ibiza or India. The inspiration can come from anywhere – a button, a postcard, even a ribbon. And so the unique designs, colors and shapes take birth in her mind, to create the hip and sweet clothes for girls. We want to make people aware of the fact that it is possible - producing sustainable clothing. MIM-PI is an honest brand. Deep down, everybody knows that a 15-euro dress can hardly be made in a sustainable way. For that price, the environment likely was compromised and people were exploited. By supporting brands such as MIM-PI, you make a statement: you don’t approve of these kinds of practices. The extra money you spend on a beautiful dress ensures that brands like us can continue our ecological and sustainable production process. And that feels great! We work with garment factories and clothing manufacturers that offer good working conditions.