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mim 710

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Combineer deze groene legging met super leuke stippen/hartjes print onder vele jurkjes en rokjes uit de Mimpi Winter 2017 collectie en je bent weer helemaal hip! De legging is gemaakt van zachte rekbare katoen waardoor je geen knieen in de legging krijgt. De tailleband is rondom van elastiek. Aan de tailleband zit een Mim-pi munt.

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€ 12,48

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  • Gratis verzending vanaf €100,-
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Mim-Pi collections are not created in one day. Nor in one week. Not even in one month! Designer Miss Mim-Pi travels, and she travels a lot. The things she sees and experience stay with her. From Melbourne to Bali via Ibiza or India. The inspiration can come from anywhere – a button, a postcard, even a ribbon. And so the unique designs, colors and shapes take birth in her mind, to create the hip and sweet clothes for girls. We want to make people aware of the fact that it is possible - producing sustainable clothing. MIM-PI is an honest brand. Deep down, everybody knows that a 15-euro dress can hardly be made in a sustainable way. For that price, the environment likely was compromised and people were exploited. By supporting brands such as MIM-PI, you make a statement: you don’t approve of these kinds of practices. The extra money you spend on a beautiful dress ensures that brands like us can continue our ecological and sustainable production process. And that feels great! We work with garment factories and clothing manufacturers that offer good working conditions.